About GradStory

Our mission is simple: to create a platform for experiences to be shared. Gradstory is an organic website that allows graduates, young professionals and successful individuals to share their stories. Our endeavor is to allow you, our readers, to make informed choices about the future. Enjoy!

Our Team

Gursartaj Gursartaj is a mathematician, former investment banker, and wannabe standup comic. He loves technology and looks at his phone more than he looks at the mirror. He is also an avid gamer and spends hours playing Assassin’s Creed. He is a fitness freak and loves to run marathons, and wishes to climb Everest one day. He knows several languages including French and Spanish, and loves to talk in an Italian accent. In his spare time, he is found matching his turban with his tie.
Manuj Manuj, fondly referred to as “Khurana Sahab”, leads the content management at GradStory. He loves to experiment with his career – having tried Procurement, Consulting, and Teaching before GradStory. Fan of Punjabi and House Music, he wants to learn DJ-ing next. He is often seen philosophising over varied topics and distributing unsolicited gyan.
abc Ankur is a Comp Science grad, Algo Trader, budding Entrepreneur, and still in love with Test Cricket. Currently trying to figure out “Why Logic Fails” in the real world?
 Sanjana Sanjana Basu is a passionate explorer from Tufts University with a double major in Economics and International Relations. She has worked and lived in Bombay, Washington D.C, Boston, Texas, and Spain. She has always been fired up by economic development and growth in India. She has worked in political think tanks, NGO’s, rural field work and policy organizations. She loves creating and leading organizations that can impact the community she is part of. She headed the South Asian Political Action Committee at Tufts, co-founded her own organization called Tufts Idea Exchange to stimulate learning outside the classroom and led an organization that designed a syllabus and taught English to immigrants in the U.S. At IIM Bangalore she heads the events vertical at the Cultural Committee and is part of the Consulting Club. She loves to travel, run/hike/play badiminton, eat new and exciting food, and meet new people of the world.
Archana Archana is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering,Guindy. Born and brought up in a small town called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, she always wanted to give her best in whatever she did. Hard work, passion and with enormous support from friends, family and teachers she went on to study at one of the coveted B-school in India. She has held various positions of responsibility for organizing events both at the undergraduate and high school level. At IIM Bangalore she is part of the Environment Sustainability club and Operations club. Her interests include singing, painting, jogging, travelling and trying different cuisines.