Motorcycle Diaries: Version Unmaad

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In Conversation with (L to R): Kunal Pawar, Sameer Gupta, Karthik Ram

In Conversation with (L to R): Kunal Pawar, Sameer Gupta, Karthik Ram

Our new segment “Campus Central” celebrates the joie de vivre that pervades university campuses around the world. Our first story is from Bangalore where India’s hottest cultural fest Unmaad continued to raise temperatures with its “Road to Unmaad”. The event saw participants leave their sanctuaries (literally, in several cases) to experience the roller coaster (literally, again) that is Bangalore on a motorbike. @pseudosoc1al Kunal Pawar and @krazytraveller Sameer Gupta graciously shared their stories from the road with Gradstory.

It can’t have been easy. They were up against an old enemy (sleep) and a new one (an eminently unpalatable exam on “patterns of problem solving). However, this was one day nothing was going to stand between these two friends, nay, brothers, and their wanderlust. When the Gradstory team spoke to them at the end of the day, they were beaming and said they had a wonderful time. While the tasks were, by themselves, quite doable, they did confess that the last task requiring them to do push-ups, amongst other things, was rather challenging. Maybe, that had something to do with them ending up at Baskin Robbins while looking for a book store. Just maybe. Anyway, it was indeed a fun-filled day as they did things as diverse as picking up some Mandarin and getting fancy tattoos. However, both Sameer and Kunal agreed that the real big takeaway for them was seeing parts of Bangalore they had only heard about and taking new roads to get there. Kunal, for instance, is all pumped up about returning to the “Entertainment store” and the “Living Room”, havens for comic lovers like himself. Sameer, on the other hand, discovered and we quote, “Never knew blowing a balloon was so hard”. You know we love you, Sameer. :)

Kunal Pawar showing off his tattoo

Kunal Pawar showing off his tattoo

The boys were all compliments for the exceptionally helpful volunteers from Team Unmaad and praised them for their contagious enthusiasm. Great job, team! They were also quite vocal about their admiration for an elderly Activa-riding couple who incredibly finished all the tasks an hour ahead of scheduled close.

While they did feel “strategy and better planning” may have helped them finish faster, they believe they are done with that phase of their lives. They agree that some credit for this is due to the amazing student exchange program. “Rise above winning & losing and celebrate the journey” is the new mantra. Gradstory applauds this spirit and take our hats off to all the participants and organizers for a fabulous event!


Unmaad is the annual Cultural Fest of IIM Bangalore and is the largest B-school cultural festival of India. This edition is bigger and is from the 30th Jan – 1st Feb ’15.
The theme this year is “A Comic Relief” which revolves around the underlying need that exists in all of us to break away from the sometimes mundane, banal lives we all lead and to live life some.
Unmaad 2015 is a blockbuster in making with Pronite featuring Vishal-Shekar Live! This edition of B-School of Rock will be headlined and judged by the Australian progressive metal band Neo Obliviscaris! Visit the official website or follow them on twitter @unmaadiimb and join their Facebook page to register for events.
Check them out on YouTube here! Hurry and register at the links given above. Rewards worth INR 10 LAKH at stake !!!
Feel free to contact Amit Rao (+91 9742022644) or Ankan Saikia (+91 9535784473) in case of any queries or drop a mail to


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