A B C for a successful Entrepreneur


Are you bored from your day-to-day job? Have you lost interest in the traditional academics which you will rarely use in your professional life? Do you want Freedom, Independence and be a Founder of a $Mn company ($Bn is becoming a norm nowadays)?

Your answer will be “Yes, of course”.

But, Will you dare to quit your job, and work without any salary? Will you dropout to follow your passion? Are you ready to risk your fluent career growth?

The answer in most cases is “No”.

This has to change. Being part of the Rat-race is contagious and epidemic. We need to avoid this trap in our pursuit of so-called happyness. The social context of India has inculcated a low risk appetite in individuals and people are not willing to pursue their passion with a fear of failure and social stigma.

There a few myths about the Silicon Valley based startups that restrict us to go for it –

  • You need to create a High Tech Invention
  • You need to be an Expert in something to start-up
  • You need a Strategic vision and a well-researched B-Plan

These myths and inhibitions are just excuses, all you need are –

Attitude – Are you interested in solving real-life problems and create value for others?

Belief – Are you passionate about your idea and ready to go out of your way to achieve it?

Courage – Are you ready to accept the numerous challenges without fear of failure?


All you need to start-up are the A B C and you can always hire people with D. And as Richard Branson says it – “Screw It, Let’s Do It”.

Movies to bring out the entrepreneur in you –

Hollywood – The Social Network, The Godfather (An offer you can’t refuse), Wall Street (Greed is Good), Pirates of Silicon Valley, Pursuit of Happyness

Bollywood – Band baaja baraat, Rocket singh,Guru, 3 idiots, Zindagi milegi na dobara

Ankur Bhartiya

Comp Science grad, Algo Trader, budding Entrepreneur, and still in love with Test Cricket. Currently trying to figure out “Why Logic Fails” in the real world?

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