Combine your passion with talent – Sivaranjini, Founder Amato

Sivaranjani Ganapathy is an engineering graduate and founder of Amato, a pastries and jewellery startup

Can you tell something about Sivaranjani as a person?

I’m from a small town called Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu. My parents always wanted to make both me and my sister as smart and independent individuals. Initially being an introvert person I found it really difficult to bring out my talents, though I had many 10613863_760480463998222_917958661_ncreative ideas. As I grew up, I broke this shell and as a first step I designed my school magazine cover and calendar. I have always been a lover of pastries. Maybe it’s because of my hometown which is famous for its pastries especially macroons.

 How did the transition from Engineering to Amato happen?

After my 12th grade I took up Aerospace Engineering in Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeedam, Coimbatore. I didn’t want to take up a course just for the sake of earning money. I chose the course not by evaluating options but because I wanted to do Aerospace engineering. I started living for my passions and desires.

But I was always interested in baking as well. I lacked the courage to take up a career as a “Baker” rather than as an “Engineer”. It was a tough choice because I liked both. But it was my best friend who encouraged me and placed me in the spotlight. And then I saw myself as a new person and totally recharged with lots of positive energy.I gave life to my ideas through the brand name Amato. Now you can see me as a positive go getter and an optimist. Having some creativity within oneself is always an advantage in this field. I was lucky to have my few lovable people, my initial customers who were kind enough to spare me a bit of appreciation and recognition which created the magic and thus Amato was born. A person who never knew the meaning of entrepreneur is an entrepreneur now.

What is the future plan for your venture?

Our future plan is to expand the product base. We are known for our baked goods and right now we are working on Terracotta Jewelry too. In the long run we would like to venture into the fashion design market too. I‘m working on it by pursuing a part time degree in fashion.

10603098_760480430664892_1876751559_nOur plans of entering into new markets will be carried out after the initial business stabilizes. We expand our market presence mostly through online users. Our products are known for safe packing and timely delivery.

What’s your advice to young people out there?

Success is not final,

Failure is not fatal,

It’s the courage to continue that counts.

–  Winston Churchill

Do what your heart says. Encourage and motivate others as well for achieving their goals. Convert your passions to 10592343_760480457331556_461311028_ncareer.Eventually you’ll find job satisfaction, mental peace and then see you will see that money follows.  I strongly believe that thoughts have powers. So keep thinking big and energize your thoughts.

As the saying goes,

Aim for the moon, even if you miss. You’ll be among the stars.

Good luck !

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Archana T

Archana is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering,Guindy. Born and brought up in a small town called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, she always wanted to give her best in whatever she did. Hard work, passion and with enormous support from friends, family and teachers she went on to study at one of the coveted B-school in India. She has held various positions of responsibility for organizing events both at the undergraduate and high school level. At IIM Bangalore she is part of the Environment Sustainability club and Operations club. Her interests include singing, painting, jogging, travelling and trying different cuisines.

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