5 TED talks to maximize productivity

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The hectic life of grad school students and young professionals requires constant shuffling between various demands. Here are 5 excellent ways maximize productivity by  finding happy solutions to work and bringing order to your busy lives.

1. Shawn Achor’s wonderful and effective approach to work

2. Ariana Huffington’s secret potion to productivity

3. Andi Puddicoombe’s power of mindfulness for success

4. Margaret Heffernan’s push to healthy disagreement for progress

5. Yves Maurieux’s call to simplify complexity and become a winner

Sanjana Basu

Sanjana Basu is a passionate explorer from Tufts University with a double major in Economics and International Relations. She has worked and lived in Bombay, Washington D.C, Boston, Texas, and Spain. She is very passionate about to economic development and growth in India. She has worked in political think tanks, NGO's, rural field work and policy organizations. She loves creating and leading organizations. She headed the South Asian Political Action Committee at Tufts, founded her own organization called Tufts Idea exchange to stimulate learning outside the classroom and led an organization that designed a syllabus and taught English to immigrants in the U.S. At IIM Bangalore she heads the events vertical at the Cultural Committee and is part of the Consulting Club. She loves to travel, hike/run/play badiminton, eat new and exciting food, and meet people of the world.

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