Crazy Harlem Shakes from Graduate Schools

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Graduate Schools could be a lot of stress. Submissions, exams, recruitment – there is plenty to keep one on his or her toes. BUT students know how to have fun too!

Watch these Harlem Shakes from top schools across the world and see how crazy they can get!

Harvard Medical School
Did you think would-be doctors are serious people? Think again!

Columbia Business School
The future finance honchos take impressive leaps in Finance Theory

UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley’s finest and brightest shake up the beautiful Doe Library

Oxford University
The Librarian was fired from his job for letting this one get shot inside the library!

IIM Calcutta
And we end with a DESI shake at IIM Calcutta. I bet you love this the most

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Manuj Khurana

Manuj, fondly referred to as "Khurana Sahab", leads the content management at GradStory. He loves to experiment with his career – having tried Procurement, Consulting, and Teaching before GradStory. Fan of Punjabi and House Music, he wants to learn DJ-ing next. He is often seen philosophising over varied topics and distributing unsolicited gyan.

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