Engineering dropout to a Bass Guitarist in Hollywood

Harshit - Bass Guitarist, HollywoodA kid who was really bad at mathematics and really good at eating potato chips dreamt of being a known personality. He has inspired many already and still going on this journey, but he has always stayed humble and grateful to God. A journey from dropping out to be a mechanical engineer to being a Winner of 2 Prestigious Scholarships at the Musicians Institute, LA, rated as one of the best contemporary music schools in the world.  He possesses 3 endorsements with Dean Markley Strings, TC Electronic, Bartolini, & a success story on MI website – truly committed to music, lover of life, family, friends .. making India proud !!

Spiritual – FulltimeBassist – Musician – Producer – Foodie – Basketball enthusiast – Sneaker freak – Gear nerd.. and more! Meet Harshit.

Q. Tell us a little bit about Harshit.

I grew up as the only child in a middle class family, therefore was never pampered (THANK GOD!), finished my schooling from St. Francis de Sales school till my 10th grade and then switched to K.R Mangalam to finish my 12th grade. A studious kid, one you would see sitting on the first 3 benches, doing homework; took science stream all along, chemistry was my favorite subject and music a hobby playing the keyboard. Finished schooling & like any other Indian kid deciding about my future!!! As I was good in science, the only door open was engineering seeing my peers, therefore went ahead to join Manav Rachna University (formerly known as CITM) in Faridabad .. not too far my memories goes down which was in 2nd year, gathered courage and went to my dad and told him “I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS & it does not excite me, I wish to pursue Sound Engineering” and then hit the road to Chennai to pursue my dreams, got graduated with distinction & at the same point in time applied to Musicians Institute, Hollywood.

Now am here about to graduate from music school with a degree & added kitty of endorsements, credits knowledge, business working ethics, haters, lovers, that have inspired many in the school and external too and evenly humbled with the opportunities that I have got and are about to give into.

Q. How did you transition from being a mechanical engineer to a bass guitarist?Harshit - Bass Guitarist, Hollywood

It was the biggest moment for me to make the transition, really had to think about ways to go and tell my family that this is not me .. It was so intense much more than my 10th or 12th grade result … my life was going down and with a lot of peer pressure, family pressure, no support, everybody said I could not do anything in my life so many things revolved in my head until I decided I need to make a move .. THIS IS IT !! Went to my Dad, gained courage and something in me just said “I do not want to do this, this is not me, give me one chance I will do it” and I just walked out and everything just became quiet for me. I literally played all in on a casino table and “I wont” but I had to work hard a lot to prove my worth, so I made moves and finally came down here at Musicians Institute on a Scholarship, which happens to be my life best gift. I could owe to my parents and that is how I made my transition from being the person who was made fun for failing each day to a person who is the fun to the classroom for life.

Q. How easy it is to pursue such a career in India? Was your admission in the Musicians Institute, Los Angeles, the turning point for you?

India is growing for sure , Parents there are now thinking out of the box to let their children follow their hearts but there is still is at a stage, where I know my friends who are amazing, literally amazing at their extra curricular activities have to follow through their regular 9-5 job, or whatever they were put and cannot follow their creativity because of lot of issues. I too faced problems, majorly being financial but like I said before, I love to cash all in with the feeling that comes through my heart.

“I do it from my heart , but attack from my mind , I never had a PLAN B never will for sure “

During my time, I had no support to make my decision instead had very few people who believed in my talents to whom I am thankful today and proved the people who said that I could never do it silently with the work. Above all, the unconditional belief my parents saw in me and always had this in my head to dedicate myself into something that I love and needless to say am a much happy, confident, positive human following my musical journey

Musicians Institute definitely was one of the major turning points for me back in 2012, when they sponsored me to fly down for participating in the full ride scholarship, since then to right about graduating it has been my temple of Zen, where I have grown from nothing to something and learnt so much besides studying the art of music and being a better human, more open to listening everything and inspiring others rather than just playing music!!

Q. Tell us more about your gigs with some of the legends and your current projects?Harshit - Bass Guitarist, Hollywood

Oh well !! I am yet to play with legends but my breakthrough was the day I got selected to session bass for one of the best bands to come out from India Cyanide. What a coincidence, it was the same day I step down my engineering life & registered as one of the memorable gigs .

Besides that I have played for Half Step Down , Blank Noize , and bunch of bands also when pursuing my sound engineering, joined 83 miles per hour great band, one I cherish the most I got major respect and gain playing with them before coming here to LA.

From the time I have moved out here, had had the pleasure to known some amazing personality such as Ruby Biloskirka Conley (amazing keyboardist/mentor), Dammo Farmer (Good people club) the Jackie boyz (Grammy award winning singer songwriter) and have played for acts like Candice Glover (American Idol Winner), Wayne Brady, Ravaughn, Jaden Michaels, Girl Radical Chaynler Joie, Marchan Noelle and carried out various studio sessions … am also working on my solo bass EP which is also into its production stages.

Q. Any advice for the young guitarists and musicians?

Compared to the greats and more experienced musicians who have inspired me both in India and LA, have few things I really want to say to any musician , aspiring , or just taking music as a hobby .. Love what you do , if you have a feeling , let it grow and just follow your heart , do not stop or hold back .. Turn dreams into reality .. Take steps one at a time and just never give up ..
I never gave up only because I had no option to give up .. and I always work hard and would love to inspire anybody in this field or anybody in general and am always available to help shoot me an email & would love to revert.

‘Dreams’ if you can see it you can do it !!


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