KPMG/Teach for India/IIM B/Quizzer/Politics Enthusiast- Karthik Ram

Q. Can you give us a brief introduction about Karthik?10475461_10152561320470775_6252209273767186290_n

Having grown up in this quaint little town up in the Nilgiris, I am very much a small town boy. I pursued my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune following which I worked with KPMG in their internal audit advisory practice. Then, I got bitten by the Teach for India bug and went on to spend two years teaching children from low income communities. I love reading, quizzing and food, not necessarily in that order and am fascinated by entrepreneurs and social activists. I am also a strong believer in the power of politics to bring about systemic change and hope to play an active role in the not too distant future.


Q. From Teach for India to IIM B. Can you tell some of the significant events in your life that helped you make this career choice?

Haha, honestly, I’m not too sure. TFI was a heart decision and thus infinitely easier while IIMB just happened, really. Exposing myself to a different set of brilliant people was a major motivator for sure. I was keen to get a business degree and wanted to study in India, making IIMB the obvious choice.


Q. What are your major learnings from the career path you chose?

21014_10151294740531706_1492445893_nTeach for India was an amazing experience; one I will cherish forever. The experience helped me appreciate the importance of having a ready ear to listen to everyone, irrespective of their station in life and being patient at all times. It also taught me to believe in the potential of every child and certainly helped me curb my cynicism. It has also, I believe, made me more responsible (not saying much, there) and yet given me the courage to experiment and take my chances. I could go on and on here but I think I smell a yawn. 😀


Q. Is there anything you would like to tell the young minds of this generation?

Haha, that does make me sound old and honestly, I feel ill equipped to dole out advice to anyone. So, I’ll stick to “Keep smiling”! J


Archana T

Archana is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering,Guindy. Born and brought up in a small town called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, she always wanted to give her best in whatever she did. Hard work, passion and with enormous support from friends, family and teachers she went on to study at one of the coveted B-school in India. She has held various positions of responsibility for organizing events both at the undergraduate and high school level. At IIM Bangalore she is part of the Environment Sustainability club and Operations club. Her interests include singing, painting, jogging, travelling and trying different cuisines.

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