My career goal – Lipsa, IIM Bangalore

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Here is what Lipsa has to say about the career she wants to pursue.

I joined an MBA program because I thought I was too young to work.

Now, this disclosure betrays the solemnity of any intent whatsoever I may have regarding career plans.
But, I brandish this statement just to sound cool, when someone exclaims, “Ah! What are you doing here, you are so young!” By cool, I mean, anything that gives people a good laugh. I am great at being cool, that way.
One year here, and I am still deliberating over what career path to tread on. It’s all the more perplexing because I think, I can do almost anything! And it’s only this bigotry that gives me a good sleep, often. May be, I should start with my Statement of Purpose’s claim to entry into IIMB. It read, “I want to change the state of education in Odisha. There is a kind of meekness in some people, a diffidence in their eyes that almost borders on resignation; that bothers me. It’s the most tormenting, when I see it in children. And I have seen it in kids, who could not introduce themselves in plain English. And, English, feeds into the confidence of people in India. But education had to be about much more.”

This is my career goal, however nebulous it may be. MBA is not a by-chance meander in that case, either. Prior to joining, I had perused the details of research projects conducted here, on sustainable livelihoods, local public innovation, economic potency of urban slums and inclusive growth; I wanted to buoy in the spate of such discussions.1901364_691132747599688_5053912726461568484_n

I am often hit by a fleet of thoughts, of means- Should I join politics, or write Civils, or be a Professor or a teacher, or a consultant to the state government?
But it’s the clarity of purpose that drives my gusto for learning new ways.
When they ask about my most significant achievement, I can only reminisce a day in my 8th grade- I had won a state prize in an Essay Competition- and as a 12 year old then, I thought writing could change the world! Plus, I have watched superhero cartoons, till a far too late an age. May be those really were deep impact scenes, but I had to change the world, anyway!

Cleaving my way along I think-
There is just one kind of people I detest. The ones that wear a holier-than-thou tabeez on their sleeve. My career plan, is in my selfish interest. Because, it’s the only way I can have peace.

Archana T

Archana is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering,Guindy. Born and brought up in a small town called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, she always wanted to give her best in whatever she did. Hard work, passion and with enormous support from friends, family and teachers she went on to study at one of the coveted B-school in India. She has held various positions of responsibility for organizing events both at the undergraduate and high school level. At IIM Bangalore she is part of the Environment Sustainability club and Operations club. Her interests include singing, painting, jogging, travelling and trying different cuisines.

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