It’s all in the head: Sajan’s first Long Distance Run

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We recently came across one of our friends who completed a long distance run. Frankly, we’re just amazed and want to say no further. Here’s his own personal account.


-by Sajan Sachdeva


It started with waking up to the sound of foot steps of someone running outside everyday. Is it some professor? Some student? Is it the same person everyday? I don’t know. I don’t even want to know. But that sound somehow made me curious, how does it feel to run? If not run, how does it feel to push yourself to every limit and still keep moving. I was listening to it. Every morning. And every morning it pushed me to want to have that feeling. And when Dastagir MF asked me if I would like to register for TCS 10K Marathon I said ‘yes’.

It took a lot to reach from not even ‘walking’ to a 5 Kms run (Yes, I am going call it a run). So today for the first time I participated in a marathon. Walking with my prosthesis in the middle of the road with people around cheering and clapping for me was something I never had imagined. Everything just felt so right. Even if it pains, even it tears me apart I ‘m not going to stop. And when I reached a point where the only thing I could listen to were my footsteps, I realized I was right. It was all worth it. And later when the man himself, Maj D P Singh joined me and said “SHABAASH, mere Sher”, like they say in army, I stopped looking at the milestones.

Finally, the finish line could be seen and the clock showed some blurred 9:48:xx AM. Major said in his army man tone, “You wouldn’t be able to cover it before 9:50:00 AM”. Me without even thinking, “Before that Sir”. I ‘ran’ the fastest ever of my life, despite the pain that now wouldn’t go for even weeks. Hundreds were cheering and clapping. “C’mon..C’mon boy” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

I found myself11000190_10203959788825569_6071291230641502373_o finishing at 9:49:52 AM. Me, “I told you Major”. I screamed as loud as I could, hugged sir as tight as I could and cried my heart out, I still can’t figure out what exactly happened to me at that moment. But it was magnificent. Felt like a celebrity when so many were clicking my pictures and wanted to get picture clicked with me and Major.

One unforgettable lesson that this day has taught me, “It is all in the head.” And I shall never forget it.


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