It’s Time to Oye!

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Meet the first one-bit communication app in the country. Oye! lets you ping your friends – a persistent reminder of your thoughtful presence in their lives – simple and unobtrusive communication. Try out the app here.

Yo, the app, changed communication forever. Billions of years of evolution allowed us to invent language and literature. However, only recently have we realized that less is sometimes much more. The busier we get, the less we want to read, follow and like. Sometimes, even Whatsapp feels like a long read from New York Times. And hence we must believe in the power of context-based communication. Where a single Oye is all that is required to connect and thrive.

How it started?

The team at Oye! liked Yo, but there was something missing. Sending out a ‘Yo’ to a friend didn’t feel right. So they decided to create something that would help millions of Indians communicate with each other. Hence was born, the idea of Oye!. The interface is Oye Screenexceptionally simple – users completely new to smartphones can also use the app with ease. So what differentiates Oye! from all the other communications apps? A remarkable notification platform, a tool to shout out to your friends without bothering them, and a uniquely Indian feel… after all, it’s Oye!

The Oye! Vision

To start of, the Oye! team just wants the users to share the joy of saying and hearing Oye! from friends. But that is not the end of it. Notifications and updates from apps are part of the core use experience of a phone. They come inbuilt in every smartphone platform, and any app built on top of the smartphone leverages the alerts and notifications layer. And this is where the team sees Oye evolving. Oye isn’t about messaging; it’s about alerts and notifications. Just imagine the use cases for such a communication tool, the number of ideas that an Oye! sent from different accounts could signify -disaster alert for emergencies, rally in the stock market for investors, holiday at school for children, which of your friends are around you – the possibilities are endless, this is just the start of something big.

Their design philosophy is defined by minimalism and effortless use; however they have not failed to add a bunch of very useful features (for example. muting users! – because Oye! is the last thing you want to hear from certain people). For the power users, they continue to launch hidden Easter Egg features on their app. Team Oye tells us, different Oye types are soon to be launched and users can broadcast from their very own Oye channels.

What else is up?

It doesn’t stop at that. Interesting ideas are boiling in their heads. Most of the core team is now focused on changing the retail scenario in India through Niffler, a mobile app that finds you the best offers around and gets you rewards for simply walking into stores and checking in.

Watch out this space for more. Until then keep Oyeing!

Key facts about Oye!

Released on 20th Jun 2014 – first Indian app to implement one-bit communication!
Designed within 6 hours and released within 12 hours on the Android PlayStore!
First day downloads of over 300; Over 700 users in 2 days.
100,000 Oye’s have been sent till date.

Download here:

Like here:

Oye! Team

Viraj Shah, Edul Patel, Twishmay Shankar, Samarth Mohan (IIT Bombay, Class of 2011), and Prince Arora (IIT Kanpur, Class of 2011)

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